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Organizational Risk Assessment of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa

1. Introduction

Risk management is a central part of this. Therefore, HiH EA’s Senior Management wants to commission an organizational risk assessment to better understand HiH EA’s organizational capacity and skills, the strength and suitability of existing structures and processes to support HiH EA’s expansion and the level of risk embedded within these. HiH EA is hereby inviting qualified consultants to submit proposals to conduct an organizational risk assessment of HiH EA.

2. About Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiH EA)

HiH EA is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya with the mandate to operate in Eastern Africa and a member of the Hand in Hand Global family. HiH EA’s vision is to reduce poverty through enterprise development and job creation. Since HiH EA’s inception in 2011, HiH EA has helped 65,100 members create/enhance 51,600 enterprises and thereby 66,500 jobs. HiH EA’s target is to help 165,625 members create 208,508 jobs by 2016, evidence to HiH EA’s rapid expansion to date and impressive targets for the future.

HiH EA’s model is based on a tried and tested approach to job creation of four interlinked components:

Group formation and savings mobilization: Formation of strong Self-Help Groups (SHGs) based on common demographics and income generating opportunities, to build members’ confidence to learn and save together.
Business training and enterprise development: Training to start and sustain a small enterprise; budgeting, debt management, and financial services.
Financial management and access to credit: Linking beneficiaries to finance services or providing bridge micro-loans.
Value addition and market linkage: Specialist market or technical training; identification of business opportunities and value-chains to reach new/bigger markets.
Vision: Alleviation of Poverty, Through Enterprise and Job Creation.

Mission: To Work for the Economic and Social Empowerment of women, youth and men, and therefore the Society, by supporting the Creating of sustainable Enterprises and Jobs.

3. Objective of Organizational Risk Assessment

The objective of this organizational risk assessment is both to conduct a review of HiH EA’s organizational, strategic and managerial developments since 2011 and a risk assessment, to evaluate whether HiH EA has built sufficient and appropriate organizational, strategic and managerial structures to support a sustainable expansion of HiH EA’s operations in the future. The organizational risk assessment will enable the identification and ranking of significant risks, provide recommendations for improvements and enable the development of a risk register. The organizational review aims to ensure that HiH EA is informed of its organizational strengths and weaknesses, and enable risks to be mitigated to maximize the value created from all aspects of HiH EA’s organization.

4. The Scope of the Organizational Risk Assessment Service will be to:

Outline the strengths and weaknesses of HiH EA’s organizational, strategic and managerial structures and processes.
Evaluate the level of HiH EA’s organizational skills and capacity to support HiH EA’s expansion both in Kenya and across Eastern Africa, and ability to reach set targets.
Assist in the identification and assessment of significant risks which may affect HiH EA’s organizational performance today and in the future. This will cover the full spectrum of risks such as strategic risks, reputational risk, regulatory compliance risks, financial risks, projects risks, business process risk, technology and systems risk, human resource management risks, and business continuity risks;
Rank or evaluate the risks;
Propose suitable risk mitigation measures;
Document the identified risks in a risk register;
Design and implement practical tools and techniques for risk management (key risk indicators, incident management, risk quantification, compliance, action point tracking and monitoring and reporting).
5. Key deliverables

Successful performance of this assignment will be based on production and timely submission to HiH EA of the following deliverables within 12 weeks:

Inception report, completed within two weeks of commencement of assignment.
Draft final report presented to the Steering Committee within eight weeks of commencement of the assignment.
Final report submitted within two weeks after Steering Committee comments are received.
6. Work plan

The assignment should commence early September 2014 and be completed within three months. Consultants are expected to provide a clear work plan depending on their interpretation of these Terms of Reference.

7. Consultants skills and experience

HiH is looking for a team of consultants with the following skills and experience:

At least five (5) years relevant auditing or consulting experience in conducting organizational reviews and/or risk assessments;
Experience of operations and/or evaluations in East Africa;
Strong research and analytical skills, including on data collection and analysis tools;
Solid project management and implementation experience;
Fluency in English and Swahili, and ability to interact with beneficiary groups.

8. Submission of proposals

Consultants are invited to submit proposals, comprising of a technical proposal, financial proposal with clear cost projection, methodology plan, work plan and CVs for the suggested work team. Deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 29 August 2014 at 18.00. These should be submitted over email to the following email:

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